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    Tools That Every Kitchen Must Have

    It is very easy (and oh so tempting) to spend on kitchen gadgets that you would probably never use. But there are some essentials that you just can’t cook without. We round up our top picks that every kitchen must have.

    1. Hand Blender

    Make yummy smoothies for your on-the-go snacks using a blender. You could also use it to make soups or healthy dips and salsas that kids love to have. The added bonus of owning a blender is that it is light and takes up very little space in your kitchen.

    2. Programmable Slow Cooker

    A slow cooker is a great gadget for someone who doesn’t mind doing a teensy bit of prep for some scrumptious meals at the end. You can cook any meal in it like oats for breakfast, soups, and casseroles, etc. for lunch and dinner or even hearty stews, especially in the winters.

    3. Quality Knife Set

    Any functional kitchen needs a good knife set as knives are used for almost everything right from chopping and slicing to mincing fresh herbs without having to switch tools. An excellent knife and some basic chopping skills could be the thing that transforms you from a cooking novice to a pro at chopping.

    4. Skillets

    A frying pan will be your primary workhorse, so research well before you buy one. You can cook almost anything in a skillet. There are nonstick as well as cast-iron versions each with their own benefits. Nonstick ones are usually less expensive and require less butter to coat the pan with while cooking.

    5. Mini Food Processor

    Food processors aren’t just helpful in chopping vegetables quickly but they do a lot more than that. Use one to make puree soups or fresh salsa, or grind nuts. They are lightweight and ultra-efficient, unlike the big food processors that end up in the corner of your kitchen gathering dust.

    6. Whisk

    If you thought this funny-looking tool was only good for baking, you might want to think again. Apart from beating eggs and making whipped cream, you can use a whisk to remove lumps from sauces and gravies, mixing vinaigrettes, mixing a batch of salad dressing, and a lot more.

    7. Cutting Board

    A high-quality wooden board is worth every penny. Not only does it last longer than the plastic ones, but it is also easier on your knives. After all, there can be no meals without some cutting, chopping, and slicing involved.