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    Comprehensive Guide to Start a VR Café

    Virtual Reality is the future. As tech giants like Magic Leap and Oculus Rift continue to splurge millions of dollars to introduce new Virtual Reality products into the market, we see a rise in the number of VR startups who want a share of the pie too. So, we present to you our top 6 ideas on how you can start your own VR café and get in the game.

    1. VR Games

    VR games feature right at the top of our list for obvious reasons. If market forecasts are to be believed, the VR gaming industry is projected to earn a revenue of $45 billion by 2025. VR headsets are not easily affordable by most of the gamers today, let alone the powerhouse of a personal computer needed to drive it. This is where you can score as a VR café by setting up your own VR arcade guaranteeing revenue returns.

    2. VR Escape Rooms

    VR escape rooms are virtual spaces providing an immersive experience, where the gamers can solve riddles, problems of logic, search and solve clues, and basically interact with the room features in order to ‘escape’. Instead of providing every gamer with a VR headset, a gaming computer, and a room to play like required for VR gaming, you can opt for investing in VR escape rooms that are highly interactive and can be played in groups.

    3. VR-based Education

    If you are a small business, you can also think of renting out your premises for VR based education. As the technology continues to grow at a lightning pace, schools and colleges are increasingly incorporating such technology for teaching students. Investing in a local venue where the schools can educate the students using these VR gears can be a great asset. You could also provide educational VR content to the schools to benefit from.

    4. VR Events

    If you set up your VR café in a metropolitan area, there is a high chance that the nearby business corporates and organizations may need a venue to conduct their VR events. Usually, these companies have their own VR content and audience and your VR café can bring the two together by providing a venue. Most businesses today use VR presentations in their corporate events. Other than that, your VR cafe can also be a host to other events like fundraisers and birthday parties.

    5. VR-based Training

    Companies small and big alike are noticing the power of VR and introducing VR training in their employees’ training programs. As a VR café operator, you can tap into this business requirement by renting out your VR café for VR training. Most of the companies don’t have the required hardware needed to conduct such training in-house. By providing this hardware with a minimal level of support, you can earn revenues by offering VR training facilities to corporates.

    6. VR Workshops

    Another option that you can consider is by providing hands-on instructions in virtual reality technology to corporations who are looking to incorporate VR technology into their line of business. But to conduct such workshops, you must have a sound knowledge of how VR operates and be able to explain in detail how to effectively use the VR hardware and software. You will also be expected to provide the clients with out-of-the-box ideas on how they can best integrate VR technology into their business models.


    As virtual reality becomes the conventional choice for many purposes, consumers are bound to be on the lookout to explore this technology for their benefit. Owning a VR café will enable you to capitalize on this big technology and turn it into a profitable business.