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    How To Plan A Restaurant Wedding Reception?

    When it comes to weddings, there is not a technical or correct way to do things. But when it comes to food, it is the actual star of a wedding reception. A lot is heard about how wedding meals are notorious for being a fail or barely being satisfactory. Maybe not every bride and groom couple are fans of the lawn or huge ballroom buffet type setting. We have a different perspective to this issue and it is called “Restaurant Wedding Receptions”. Actually, this is quite a popular route several couples take; it is private in all the sense of the world for couples who want to share their day with their special ones. Below are pointers for you to go about planning a restaurant wedding reception which will definitely help you.

    The Food

    The food plays the most important role here, so have an open mind and get creative! If you want to share the memory of your first date with your guests, feel free. The only thing to keep in mind would be that most restaurants usually have their own pastry chef, so bringing a wedding cake from outside may end up being a problem. If you could speak to the restaurant managers to create a small cake suitable for wedding receptions well in advance, there would be no further issues.

    Choose your dishes carefully and talk about any personalization in advance. Ask them well about the beverages and alcohol that they have in their stores, and if they can order a specific brand if you want a different one.

    The Price Factor

    A restaurant wedding reception requires the restaurant to block a space for you and your guests to dine in. Since on an average, most places have at least three table turnovers or customers, your bookings will have to cover their costs since they will not be able to earn the regular, even in the case of booking the entire restaurant for the occasion. So don’t go into this expecting a deal, you may get a discount, but that is totally up to the managers and if they can afford to give you discounts.

    The prices may also differ on which day of the week it is, for example, weekends are going to be costlier since they will be turning away a lot more customers for you than on weekdays.

    The Decor and Theme

    Ask the owners and managers about what all you are allowed to bring in for extra decorations. Most restaurants offer to decorate, or have a distinctive style of their own when it comes to design and furniture, so this is somewhere you can save a lot of money. Make sure you choose the cutlery, napkins etc well in advance from their selections. If in case they don’t have what you are looking for, ask them if you could bring these from the outside beforehand.

    The Logistics

    This is another important aspect to consider before signing the order contract. Know well in advance the full capacity for seating in the restaurant. Since they will be serving everyone at once, check the kitchen capacity and the number of servers to attend to the guests. Next thing to keep in mind is to have enough space for anyone to comfortably pace around in, and also dance.

    The standard rule is a 10 by 10 space for 50 adults to dance, so do the math well. Find out if the restaurant has its own DJ or any sound restrictions or timings. Most restaurants have hard limits sanctioned to stop playing loud music at a stipulated time, so try to work around that schedule or ask if they can negotiate the same.

    If you follow all the above checks, we are sure you will have a stress free arrangement of your wedding reception to start with. Make several checklists if you have to, be honest with the restaurant proprietor and ask a lot of questions to be in the clear. Weddings are one of the most important celebrations for us so the less complicated it is, the happier the event. Wishing you luck and successful planning, cheers!